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DNA-dependent protein kinase and its inhibition in support of radiotherapy

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    Novotná, E. - Tichý, Adam - Pejchal, J. - Lukášová, Emilie - Salovská, B. - Vávrová, J.
    DNA-dependent protein kinase and its inhibition in support of radiotherapy.
    International Journal of Radiation Biology. Roč. 89, č. 6 (2013), s. 416-423. ISSN 0955-3002
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    Purpose : Radiotherapy has been used as a treatment of almost 50% of all malignant tumors. The aim of this review is to provide a comprehensive overview of the recent knowledge in the field of molecular mechanisms of radiation-induced double-stranded breaks (DSB) repair. This paper gives particular emphasis to a key DNA repair enzyme, DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK), which plays a pivotal role in non-homologous end-joining. Furthermore, we discuss possibilities of DNA-PK inhibition and other molecular approaches employed in order to facilitate radiotherapy.
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