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Scale-up Fundamentals

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    0355438 - UCHP-M 2011 RIV AT eng M - Část monografie knihy
    Wichterle, K. - Růžička, Marek
    Scale-up Fundamentals.
    Scale-up in Metallurgy. Vienna: ProcessEng Engineering GmbH, 2010 - (Lackner, M.), s. 21-58. ISBN 978-3-902655-10-3
    Grant CEP: GA ČR GA104/07/1110
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    Klíčová slova: scale-up * metallurgy * technology
    Kód oboru RIV: CI - Průmyslová chemie a chemické inženýrství
    http://www.castingarea.com/research/Scale-up%20in%20Metallurgy.pdf http://www.castingarea.com/research/Scale-up%20in%20Metallurgy.pdf

    this chapter presents a review over the scale-up fundamentals and their applications in the metallurgy. in the first part I., the basic facts are presented about the governing equations, their scaling and the dimensionless number thus obtained, which are relevant and recommended for further usage in making empirical correlations and for scale-up purposes. In the second Part II., the broad and diverse area of metallurgy is mapped in terms of the individual technologies, the basic processes, and the key operations.
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