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Enobarbus is a synonym of Lepidocephalichthys (Osteichthyes, Cobitidae)

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    Harant, R. - Bohlen, Jörg
    Enobarbus is a synonym of Lepidocephalichthys (Osteichthyes, Cobitidae).
    Journal of Fish Biology. Roč. 77, č. 10 (2010), s. 2443-2453 ISSN 0022-1112
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    External and internal morphological characters of the holotype of Enobarbus maculatus were examined and compared with those of other cobitid species to verify whether Enobarbus is a distinct genus. Analyses of radiographs demonstrated that the neural spines and the pterygiophores of the dorsal fin are of irregular shape, often doubled, reduced or bent. The holotype of E. maculatus bears an ossified structure on the last pectoral-fin ray, a structure otherwise known only from males of the genus Lepidocephalichthys. In Lepidocephalichthys, the shape of the ossified structure is species-specific, and the structure of Enobarbus is very similar to that of Lepidocephalichthys thermalis, the only other known species of the family Cobitidae occurring at the type locality of Enobarbus.
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