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Attenuation of vaccinia virus by the expression of human Flt3 ligand

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    Žurková, K. - Hainz, P. - Kryštofová, J. - Kutinová, L. - Šanda, Miloslav - Němečková, Š.
    Attenuation of vaccinia virus by the expression of human Flt3 ligand.
    Virology Journal. Roč. 7, č. 1 (2010), 109/1-109/15 ISSN 1743-422X
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    Klíčová slova: vaccinia virus * antibodies * virulence
    Kód oboru RIV: CE - Biochemie
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    The expression of Flt3 ligand (FL) by recombinant vaccinia virus (rVACV) highly influenced properties of the virus in dependence on the level of expression. High production of FL driven by the strong synthetic promoter decreased the growth of rVACV in macrophage cell line J774.G8 in vitro as well as its multiplication in vivo when inoculated in mice. The inhibition of replication in vivo was mirrored in low levels of antibodies against vaccinia virus (anti-VACV) which nearly approached to the negative serum level in non-infected mice. Strong FL expression changed not only the host range of the recombinant but also the basic protein contents of virions. The major proteins - H3L and D8L - which are responsible for the virus binding to the cells, and 28 K protein that serves as a virulence factor, were changed in the membrane portion of P13-E/L-FL viral particles.
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