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Oxygen assisted photoinduced changes in Ge39Ga2S59 amorphous thin film

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    0350257 - UMCH-V 2011 RIV NL eng J - Článek v odborném periodiku
    Knotek, P. - Kincl, Miloslav - Tichý, Ladislav - Arsova, D. - Ivanova, Z.G. - Tichá, H.
    Oxygen assisted photoinduced changes in Ge39Ga2S59 amorphous thin film.
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. Roč. 356, 50-51 (2010), s. 2850-2857 ISSN 0022-3093
    Výzkumný záměr: CEZ:AV0Z40500505
    Klíčová slova: amorphous chalcogenide films * photooxidation * AFM
    Kód oboru RIV: CA - Anorganická chemie
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    Virgin GeGaS film is only a little bleached by the illumination with the band gap or over band gap photons while the film annealed in the argon is practically insensitive to such illumination. Illumination by UV photons leads to significant changes in the surface topology of the virgin or annealed film originated from the film oxidation, which is supported by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (Ge-O-Ge bridge), the Raman fearure (O3Ge-O-GeO2) and (iii) Atomic Force Microscopy (GeO2 microcrystalline particles).
    Trvalý link: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0190302