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Cytotoxic Activities of Several Geranyl-Substituted Flavanones

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    0349184 - UEB-Q 2011 RIV US eng J - Článek v odborném periodiku
    Šmejkal, K. - Svačinová, Jana - Šlapetová, T. - Schneiderová, K. - Dall’Acqua, S. - Innocenti, G. - Závalová, V. - Kollár, P. - Chudík, S. - Marek, R. - Julínek, O. - Urbanová, M. - Kartal, M. - Csöllei, M. - Doležal, Karel
    Cytotoxic Activities of Several Geranyl-Substituted Flavanones.
    Journal of Natural Products. Roč. 73, č. 4 (2010), s. 568-572 ISSN 0163-3864
    Grant CEP: GA MŠk(CZ) LC06030; GA ČR GD522/08/H003
    Výzkumný záměr: CEZ:AV0Z50380511
    Klíčová slova: flavanones * geranyl * cytotoxicity
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    Nine geranylated flavanones isolatér from the fruits of Paulownia tomentosa and two from the roots of Morus alba were examinated for cytotoxicity to selected human cancor cell lines and normal human fibroblasts. Cytotoxicity was determined in vitro using a calcein AM cytotoxicity assay. Cytotoxicity for the THP-1 monocytic leukemia cell line was tested using erythrosin B cell staining. The geranylated compounds tested were compared with the known simple flavanone standards taxifolin (1), naringenin (2), and hesperetin (3), and with the standard anticancer druha olomoucine II, diaziquone and oxaliplatin and antineoplastic compound camptothecin, and showed different levels of cytotoxicity. The effect of structural changes on cytotoxic aktivity, including geranyl substitution of the flavanone skeleton and the oxidation pattern of ring B of the flavanones, are discussed.
    Trvalý link: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0189492