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Bendiocarb effect on liver and central nervous system in the chick embryo

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    Petrovová, E. - Sedmera, David - Lešník, František - Luptáková, L.
    Bendiocarb effect on liver and central nervous system in the chick embryo.
    Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B-Pesticides Food Contaminants and Agricultural Wastes. Roč. 44, č. 4 (2009), s. 383-388 ISSN 0360-1234
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    Klíčová slova: Bendiocarb * Chick embryo * Toxicity
    Kód oboru RIV: EA - Morfologické obory a cytologie
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    The aim of the study was to investigate toxicity of bendiocarb (2, 3-isopropyledene-dioxyphenyl methylcarbamate) to organs of chicken embryo. The toxic action of bendiocarb was observed on liver and central nervous system (CNS). Bendiocarb was administered to chicken embryos at embryonic day (ED) 3 in a dose 500 g/egg and 10 ED (800 g/egg). The observations showed no macroscopic or microscopic changes in the liver and CNS with either dose or day of incubation when the bendiocarb was administered.The liver and CNS were also investigated for caspase activity in relation to application of bendiocarb and no differences in the number of cells with caspase immunopositivity were observed in comparison with the control. The results obtained indicate that bendiocarb administered in the respective doses showed no toxicity to investigated organs. Furthermore, both at the early(3 ED)and the later(10 ED)stages of development no increase in numbers of apoptotic cells in chicken embryos was observed.
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