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Changes of parvalbumin expression in the spinal cord after peripheral inflammation

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    Zachařová, Gisela - Sojka, David - Paleček, Jiří
    Changes of parvalbumin expression in the spinal cord after peripheral inflammation.
    Physiological Research. Roč. 58, č. 3 (2009), s. 435-442 ISSN 0862-8408
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    Klíčová slova: pain * parvalbumin * spinal cord * GABA
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    Parvalbumin (PV) is a calcium-binding protein that is expressed by numerous neuronal subpopulations in the central nervous system.There was a significant reduction of PV immunoreactivity in the superficial dorsal horn region ipsilateral to the arthritis after induction of the peripheral inflammation. The ipsilateral area and intensity of PV staining in this area were reduced to 38 % and 37 %, respectively, out of the total PV staining on both sides. It is suggested that this reduction may reflect decreased expression of PV in GABAergic inhibitory neurons. Reduction of PV concentration in the presynaptic GABAergic terminals could lead to potentiation of inhibitory transmission in the spinal cord. Our results suggest that changes in expression of calcium-binding proteins in spinal cord dorsal horn neurons may modulate nociceptive transmission
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