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Future use of mitocans against tumour-initiating cells?

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    Morrison, B.J. - Anděra, Ladislav - Reynolds, B.A. - Ralph, S.J. - Neužil, Jiří
    Future use of mitocans against tumour-initiating cells?.
    Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. Roč. 53, č. 1 (2009), s. 147-153 ISSN 1613-4125
    Výzkumný záměr: CEZ:AV0Z50520514; CEZ:AV0Z50520701
    Klíčová slova: mitocans * tumour-initiating cells * metastasis
    Kód oboru RIV: EB - Genetika a molekulární biologie
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    Tumour heterogeneity has several important consequences including making their classification by morphological and genetic analysis more difficult because of the diversity of cells, failing to eliminate one of the cell subtypes and differing abilities of the cell subtypes for dissemination and metastasis. Recently, a rare subpopulation of cells within tumours has been described with the ability to initiate and sustain tumour growth, to resist traditional therapies and to allow for secondary tumour dissemination. These cells are termed tumour-initiating cells (TICs). Understanding tumour heterogeneity will be critical for advancing treatments for cancer that target TIC subpopulations of cells in a tumour able to resist traditional treatments and eliminate them before metastatic disease occurs. Therefore, knowledge of the molecular mechanism(s) of resistance of TICs to treatment and overcoming it will be essential in order to develop effective drug strategies for cancer therapy.
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