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Beyond a one-man show: The prelude of Revisionist Zionism, 1922-25

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    NázevBeyond a one-man show: The prelude of Revisionist Zionism, 1922-25
    Tvůrce(i) Zouplna, Jan (OU-W) RID, SAI, ORCID
    Celkový počet autorů1
    Zdroj.dok.Israel Affairs - ISSN 1353-7121
    Roč. 19, č. 3 (2013), s. 410-432
    Poč.str.23 s.
    Jazyk dok.eng - angličtina
    Země vyd.GB - Velká Británie
    Klíč. slovainterwar Zionism ; Israeli right ; Russian-Jewish intelligentsia
    Vědní obor RIVAB - Dějiny
    Institucionální podporaOU-W - RVO:68378009
    UT WOS000321811100002
    EID SCOPUS84880512012
    AnotaceThe hallmarks of the Revisionist political platform, such as opposition to the project of the enlarged Jewish Agency or the idea of fundamental land and fiscal reform in Palestine aimed at an intensification of the colonization endeavour, started to spontaneously appear, particularly in Russo-Ukrainian Zionist circles, during the second quarter of 1922. The so-called ‘Our platform’, a series of articles setting out the Revisionist proposals, published in March 1924, was a joint undertaking and the culmination of numerous, sometimes inconclusive, discussions. The creation of the Union of Zionists-Revisionists sealed this process in 1925. The aim of this paper is to investigate the three-year prelude to the organized Revisionist movement, highlighting the role performed by activists, almost all of whom have been forgotten over time (J. Brutzkus, Sh. Gepstein, J. Schechtman and I. Trivus, among others). I earmark the opposition to the enlarged Jewish Agency project (and not the rejection of the White Paper of 1922) as the main galvanizing point of the process. Last, but not least, I argue that many of the political notions commonly attributed to V. Jabotinsky actually originated with others among the Revisionist founders.
    PracovištěOrientální ústav
    KontaktZuzana Kvapilová, kvapilova@orient.cas.cz, Tel.: 266 053 950
    Rok sběru2014
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