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Radiative Transfer Model 3.0 integrated into the PALM model system 6.0

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    0549609 - ÚI 2022 DE eng V - Výzkumná zpráva
    Krč, Pavel - Resler, Jaroslav - Sühring, M. - Schubert, S. - Salim, M. - Fuka, V.
    Radiative Transfer Model 3.0 integrated into the PALM model system 6.0.
    Mnichov: European Geosciences Union, 2021. 57 s. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, gmd-2020-168. Geoscientific Model Development. Copernicus GmbH. -, Accepted for review Aug 2020 (2021). ISSN 1991-959X. E-ISSN 1991-9603
    Grant CEP: GA KHP(CZ) UH0383
    Grant ostatní: Ga MŠk(CZ) LM2015070
    Institucionální podpora: RVO:67985807
    Obor OECD: Meteorology and atmospheric sciences

    The Radiative Transfer Model (RTM) is an explicitly resolved three-dimensional multi-reflection radiation model integrated into the PALM modelling system. It is responsible for modelling complex radiative interactions within the urban canopy. It represents a key component in modelling energy transfer inside the urban layer and consequently PALM's ability to provide explicit simulations of the urban canopy at metre-scale resolution. This paper presents RTM version 3.0, which is integrated into the PALM modelling system version 6.0. This version of RTM has been substantially improved over previous versions. A more realistic representation is enabled by the newly simulated processes, e.g. the interaction of longwave radiation with the plant canopy, evapotranspiration and latent heat flux, calculation of mean radiant temperature, and bidirectional interaction with the radiation forcing model. The new version also features novel discretization schemes and algorithms, namely the angular discretization and the azimuthal ray tracing, which offer significantly improved scalability and computational efficiency, enabling larger parallel simulations. It has been successfully tested on a realistic urban scenario with a horizontal size of over 6 million grid points using 8192 parallel processes.
    Trvalý link: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0325581

    Vědecká data v ASEP:
    Sensitivity Analysis of the PALM Model System 6.0 in the Urban Environment
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