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Search for CP violation in B.sup.0./sup..sub.s./sub. -> mu.sup.+./sup. D.sup.-./sup..sub.s./sub. X decays in ppbar collisions at root s=1.96 TeV

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    0367624 - FZU-D 2013 RIV US eng J - Článek v odborném periodiku
    Abazov, V. M. - Abbott, B. - Abolins, M. - Kupčo, Alexander - Lokajíček, Miloš
    Search for CP violation in B0s -> mu+ D-s X decays in ppbar collisions at root s=1.96 TeV.
    Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. Roč. 82, č. 1 (2010), "012003-1"-"012003-12" ISSN 1550-7998
    Grant CEP: GA MŠk LA08047; GA MŠk LC527
    Výzkumný záměr: CEZ:AV0Z10100502
    Klíčová slova: interaction * violation * semileptonic decay * Batavia TEVATRON Coll * time dependence * D0
    Kód oboru RIV: BF - Elementární částice a fyzika vys. energií
    Impakt faktor: 4.964, rok: 2010

    We have performed a search for CP violation in a sample of B(s)(0) -> mu(+)D(s)(-)X decays corresponding to 5 fb(-1) of proton-antiproton collisions collected by the D0 detector in Run II at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. New physics in B(s)(0) mixing could contribute a significant CP violating weak phase, which would be observed as a difference in the decay-time distribution for B(s)(0) -> (B) over bar (0)(s) oscillated states versus that for (B) over bar (0)(s) -> B(s)(0). A fit to the decay-time distributions of the B(s)(0)/(B) over bar (0)(s) candidates yields the flavor-specific asymmetry as a(fs)(s) = [-1.7 +/- 9.1(stat)(-1.5)(+1.4)(syst) x 10(-3), which excludes CP violation due to new physics within the experimental sensitivity.
    Trvalý link: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0202226