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Mechanisms of plant invasions of North American and European grasslands

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    Seastedt, T. R. - Pyšek, Petr
    Mechanisms of plant invasions of North American and European grasslands.
    Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. Roč. 42, - (2011), s. 133-153 ISSN 1543-592X
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    Klíčová slova: plant invasions * grasslands * North America and Europe
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    North American and European grasslands are relatively young communities evolved under human influences, and uniformly sensitive to top-down controls; they exhibit rapid changes in plant composition when the intensity and frequency of these controls are altered. These changes are intensifying due to the suite of global change factors, including the continued presence and introduction of new plant species. Establishment of non-native plant species into grasslands requires resource opportunities generated by natural and human-induced disturbances and by niche differences of the new species. Persistence and spatial expansion require that the traits of the introduced species be compatible with a new regime of competitors, predators, pathogens, and symbionts.
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