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Analysis of Altered Gene Expression in Diabetic Embryopathy

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    Kappen, C. - Kruger, C. - Salbaum, J.M. - Pavlínková, Gabriela
    Analysis of Altered Gene Expression in Diabetic Embryopathy.
    Comprehensive Toxicology. Vol. 2. Oxford: Elsevier, 2010 - (McQueem, C.), s. 117-133. Comprehensive Toxicology, Developmental Toxicology, 12. ISBN 9780080468686
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    Klíčová slova: diabetes * toxicology * embryopathy
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    An explosive increase in the knowledge of the effects of chemical and physical agents on biological systems has led to an increased understanding of normal cellular functions and the consequences of their perturbations. The 14-volume Second Edition of Comprehensive Toxicology has been revised and updated to reflect new advances in toxicology research, including content by some of the leading researchers in the field. It remains the premier resource for toxicologists in academia, medicine, and corporations. Comprehensive Toxicology Second Edition provides a unique organ-systems structure that allows the user to explore the toxic effects of various substances on each human system, aiding in providing diagnoses and proving essential in situations where the toxic substance is unknown but its effects on a system are obvious. Comprehensive Toxicology Second Edition is the most complete and valuable toxicology work available to researchers today.
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