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Decreased self-reported cognitive failures after memory training

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    Preiss, M. - Lukavský, Jiří - Steinová, D.
    Decreased self-reported cognitive failures after memory training.
    Educational Gerontology. Roč. 36, č. 9 (2010), s. 798-808 ISSN 0360-1277
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    Klíčová slova: questionnaire * older * performance
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    In recent years, attention has been focused on investigating the effectiveness of composite memory intervention programs with different age and diagnostics groups. The goal of this study was to measure changes in cognitive lapses by Cognitive Failure Questionnaire (CFQ) in a large trained, dementia free group (Mini-Mental State Examination [MMSE]26). The CFQ was administrated to older adults before training (Wave 1), after training (Wave 2), and in a six-month follow-up (Wave 3) to an experimental (N=77; memory training) and control sample (N=78, no intervention). Significant changes in subjective cognitive functioning in the experimental group and a plateau curve in the control group were observed. The results indicate support for the efficiency of a large memory-training group in promoting subjective cognitive functioning.
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