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Immunogenicity and immunomodulatory properties of HPMA-based polymers

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    Říhová, Blanka - Kovář, Marek
    Immunogenicity and immunomodulatory properties of HPMA-based polymers.
    Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. Roč. 62, č. 2 (2010), s. 184-191 ISSN 0169-409X
    Grant CEP: GA AV ČR KAN200200651; GA AV ČR IAAX00500803; GA AV ČR IAA500200712; GA MŠk 1M0505
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    Klíčová slova: Immunogenicity * Hpma * Immunomodulation
    Kód oboru RIV: EE - Mikrobiologie, virologie
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    In this study it was shown both in mice and humans that HPMA copolymer-bound doxorubicin (DOX-HPMA) conjugates possess besides powerfull anti-tumor effect also various immunomodulatory properties and exert significantly decreased side-toxicities, minimized bone marrow toxicity and cardiotoxicity being the most important ones. The possibility to induce potent and long-lasting tumor-specific immunity during the tratment with these compounds which is capable to provide protection against minimal residual disease is one of the most important and therapeutically valuable features of these conjugates
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