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The Vandals from their origins to the year 406 AD

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    0349201 - ARUB-Q 2011 RIV ES eng M - Část monografie knihy
    Tejral, Jaroslav
    The Vandals from their origins to the year 406 AD.
    El tiempo de los "Bárbaros". Alcalá de Henares: Museo Arqueológico Regional, 2010, s. 32-53. Zona arqueológica, 11. ISBN 978-84-451-3298-2
    Výzkumný záměr: CEZ:AV0Z80010507
    Klíčová slova: Vandals * Lugii * Przeworsk culture * Uppe Tisza region
    Kód oboru RIV: AC - Archeologie, antropologie, etnologie

    Although the name of Vandali has made a mark with the early history of Europa, both its origin and the location of its oldest homelandes remain shrouded in mystery. Therefore varions authors point out that in the 1st and early 2nd centuries the Vandals be hidden under the more general denomination of the Lugii, living in the north-eastern part of ancient Germania. As later on, towards the end of the 2nd century, at the time of the Marcomannic wars the concrete denominations of the various Vandalic groups given in the literary sources are for the area in the neighbourhood of the province of Dacia. The appearance of typical archeological finds ot the Przeworsk-culture in the zone of the northern foreland of the Dacian limes suggest that Vandalian Hassding were settled in the Upper Tisza region.
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