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Invasive species, environmental change and management, and health

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    Pyšek, Petr - Richardson, D. M.
    Invasive species, environmental change and management, and health.
    Annual Review of Environment and the Resources. Roč. 35, - (2010), s. 25-57,C1,C2 ISSN 1543-5938
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    Klíčová slova: biological invasions * impact * management
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    Invasive species are a major element of global change and are contributing to biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and impairment of ecosystem services worldwide. Research is shedding new light on the ecological and economic consequences of invasions. New approaches are emerging for describing and evaluating impacts of invasive species, and for translating these impacts into monetary terms. The harmful effects of invasions are now widely recognized, and multiscale programs are in place in many parts of the world to reduce current and future impacts. There has been an upsurge in scientific research aimed at guiding management interventions. Among the activities that are receiving the most attention and that have the most promise for reducing problems are risk assessment, pathway and vector management, early detection, rapid response, and new approaches to mitigation and restoration. Screening protocols to reduce new introductions are becoming more accurate and cost-effective.
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