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Variability of soil types in wetland meadows in the south of the Chilean Patagonia

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    Filipová, L. - Hédl, Radim - Covacevich, N. C.
    Variability of soil types in wetland meadows in the south of the Chilean Patagonia.
    Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research. Roč. 70, č. 2 (2010), s. 266-277 ISSN 0718-5820
    Grant CEP: GA ČR GA206/08/0389
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    Klíčová slova: histosols * fluvisols * soil properties
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    The wetland meadows and pastures (vegas) of the agricultural zone of the Magallanes Region and the Chilean Patagonia are productive and intensively exploited ecosystems. However, there is scarce data about the typology and the physical and chemical properties of the soils that determine the agricultural potential of vegas sites. Sampling of the main horizons of 47 soil profiles was conducted throughout the area. Extensive analyses of the properties of samples taken from all profiles were done. The most frequently recorded groups of soil types in the studied vegas were Histosols - peat soils (20 profiles), and Fluvisols (19). The principal differences between the Histosols and the Fluvisols are the content of organic matter (often peat), pH level (related to the absence/presence of carbonates) and associated soil properties. Fluvisols are more susceptible to salinization under conditions of aridity, whereas the main threat to Histosols is artificial drainage.
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