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The encounter of the West and the East in the formation of Early Slavonic literary culture

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    0332662 - SLU-S 2010 RIV DE eng M - Část monografie knihy
    Vavřínek, Vladimír
    The encounter of the West and the East in the formation of Early Slavonic literary culture.
    Die Ost-West-Problematik in den europäischen Kulturen und Literaturen: Ausgewählte Aspekte. Praha: Slovanský ústav AV ČR, v.v, 2009 - (Ulbrecht, S.; Ulbrechtová, H.), s. 135-164. Práce Slovanského ústavu. Nová řada, 25. ISBN 978-80-86420-31-8; ISBN 978-3-940310-31-6
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    Klíčová slova: Early Slavonic literary culture * cultural history * East and West
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    The first literary texts in the West Slavonic dialect were several prayers and religious formulae translated by the Frankish missionaries active among the Slavs in Pannonia and Moravia at the beginning of the 9th century the knowledge of which was a condition for acceptance the baptism. The Cyrillo-Methodian mission, called to Moravia to establish there an independent church organization, connected this task with the aim to create a literature in the Slavonic language and actually within only 20 years they not only translated the books of the Holy Writ and other religious and liturgical texts but created also the first Slavonic legal codes; their disciples then created also first original works in Slavonic. It was characteristic of their activities that they based their literary activities not only on the Greek literature that, naturally, was prevailing, but that they did not hesitate to use also Latin works established in the country already before their arrival.
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