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    0521426 - ÚCHP 2020 RIV DE eng M - Monography Chapter
    Hykš, J. - Šyc, Michal
    Utilization of Incineration Bottom Ash in Road Constructions.
    Waste Management, Volume 9. Neuruppin: Thomé-Kozmiensky Verlag GmbH, 2019 - (Thiel, S.; Thomé-Kozmiensky, E.; Winter, F.; Juchelková, D.), s. 731-741. ISBN 978-3-944310-48-0
    R&D Projects: GA TA ČR(CZ) TN01000007; GA MŠk(CZ) LTC17051
    Institutional support: RVO:67985858
    Keywords : bottom ash * utilisation of IBA * road construction
    OECD category: Environmental sciences (social aspects to be 5.7)
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    00206B6C274C200131142258.doc61.2 MBPublisher’s postprintopen-access
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    0502837 - ÚCHP 2020 RIV DE eng M - Monography Chapter
    Šyc, Michal - Simon, F.-G. - Biganzoli, L. - Grosso, M. - Hykš, J.
    Resource Recovery from Incineration Bottom Ash: Basics, Concepts, Principles.
    Removal, Treatment and Utilisation of Waste Incineration Bottom Ash. Dorfstrasse: Thomé-Kozmiensky Verlag, 2018 - (Holm, O.; Thomé-Kozmiensky, E.), s. 1-10. ISBN 978-3-944310-44-2
    R&D Projects: GA MŠk(CZ) LTC17051; GA MPO(CZ) FV10226
    Institutional support: RVO:67985858
    Keywords : bottom ash * metal recovery * waste-to-energy
    OECD category: Chemical process engineering
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    Syc.pdf11329.8 KBOtheropen-access

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