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    0554725 - ÚFP 2022 RIV FR eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Gunn, J. P. - Pascal, J.-Y. - Antusch, S. - Dejarnac, Renaud - Dwivedi, G. - Klein, A. - Kotlan, Jiří - Matějíček, Jiří - Rieth, M. - Šesták, David - Smith, G. - Watts, C. - Zhao, W. - Zhong, G.
    ITER Langmuir probes: Physics and technological issues under investigation in the WEST tokamak.
    EPS 2021: 47th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics. Vol. 45A. Mulhouse: European Physical Society, 2021, 2021-June (2021), s. 137-140. ISBN 979-10-96389-13-1.
    [47th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics. Virtual Conference (ES), 21.06.2021-25.06.2021]
    Institutional support: RVO:61389021
    Keywords : ITER * langmuir * WEST
    OECD category: Fluids and plasma physics (including surface physics)
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