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    0538160 - FLÚ 2021 RIV CZ eng J - Journal Article
    Poláčková, Eliška
    Planctus Mariae: Performing Compassion as a Means of Social Promotion.
    Theatralia : revue současného myšlení o divadelní kultuře. Roč. 23, č. 2 (2020), s. 74-91. ISSN 1803-845X
    Institutional support: RVO:67985955
    Keywords : Marian Planct * Marian Lament * Planctus Mariae * Passional of Abbess Kunigunde * medieval literary performance
    OECD category: Specific languages
    Method of publishing: Open access
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    0520682 - ÚDU 2020 RIV CZ eng J - Journal Article
    Klípa, Jan - Poláčková, Eliška
    Tabulae cum portis, vela, cortinae and sudaria. Remarks on the liminal zones in the liturgical and para-liturgical contexts in the Late Middle Ages.
    Convivium: exchanges and interactions in the arts of medieval Europe, Byzantium and the Mediterranean. Roč. 6, Supplementum (2019), s. 112-133. ISSN 2336-3452
    Institutional support: RVO:68378033 ; RVO:67985955
    Keywords : Utraqiust * Lutheran * liminal zone * altarpiece * retable * Eucharist * transubstantiation * Officium visitationis sepulchrum * Visitation of the Holy Sepulchre * liturgical textiles * liturgical cloths * liturgical performances
    OECD category: Arts, Art history; History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings) (FLU-F)
    Method of publishing: Open access with time embargo
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