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    0524719 - GLÚ 2021 US eng A - Abstract
    Kavková, R. - Kletetschka, Günther - Takáč, M. - Petrucha, V. - Dressler, M. - Hasson, N.
    Concept of the high precision in-situ measurements of the four magnetic characteristics of the Lunar near-surface without touching the regolith.
    51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Houston: Lunar Planetary Institute, 2020. ISBN N.
    [Lunar and Planetary Science Conference /51./. 16.03.2020-20.03.2020, The Woodlands]
    Institutional support: RVO:67985831
    Keywords : Moon * magnetism * rover * anomalies
    OECD category: Geology
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    0468873 - ÚH 2017 RIV RO eng A - Abstract
    Dohnal, M. - Votrubová, J. - Šanda, M. - Tesař, Miroslav
    The role of event water in stormflow studied by Oxygen-18 at two central European catchments.
    Hydrological behaviour in small basins under changing conditions : book of abstracts. Bucharest: EDP, 2016. s. 30-31. ISBN 978-606-31-0297-4.
    [Biennial Conference of the Euromediterranean Network of Experimental and Representative Basins /16./. 05.09.2016-08.09.2016, Bucharest]
    Institutional support: RVO:67985874
    Keywords : water isotope * runoff formation * riparian zones * hillslope runoff * event-water contribution
    Subject RIV: DA - Hydrology ; Limnology
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    Dohnal, The role of event water in stormflow studied by..., 2016.pdf02.1 MBPublisher’s postprintrequire