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    0540848 - FZÚ 2021 RIV CZ eng A - Abstract
    Artemenko, Anna - Varga, Marián - Gordeev, Ivan - Dragounová, Kateřina - Kromka, Alexander
    Stability of diamond films against aging and sterilization.
    Proceedings of Abstracts. Ostrava: Tanger Ltd., 2018 - (Shrbená, J.). s. 129-129. ISBN 978-80-87294-85-7.
    [NANOCON 2018 -International Conference on Nanomaterials - Research and Application /10./. 17.10.2018-19.10.2018, Brno]
    R&D Projects: GA MZd(CZ) NV15-33018A
    Institutional support: RVO:68378271
    Keywords : diamond * surface termination * aging * sterilization
    OECD category: Condensed matter physics (including formerly solid state physics, supercond.)
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