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    0435431 - ÚFM 2015 RIV US eng A - Abstract
    Dlouhý, Ivo - Bertolla, Luca - Chlup, Zdeněk - Boccaccini, A. R.
    Bioglass®-based Scaffolds Reinforced by composite coating: Preparation and response to mechanical loading.
    Syntactic and Coposite Foams IV. New York: ECI, 2014.
    [ECI Conference Series Syntactic and Composite Flaks IV. 02.11.2014-07.11.2014, Santa Fe]
    R&D Projects: GA ČR GA14-11234S
    EU Projects: European Commission(XE) 264526 - GLACERCO
    Institutional support: RVO:68081723
    Keywords : Bioglass® scaffolds * polymer coating * composite coating * tensile test * compression test
    Subject RIV: JI - Composite Materials
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