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    0458082 - ÚFA 2017 CZ eng E - Electronic Document
    Podolská, Kateřina
    The risky characteristics of the exposition by ionospheric and geomagnetic parameters.
    [hypertextový soubor]. - Praha: Department od Demography and Geodemography, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, 2016
    Institutional support: RVO:68378289
    Keywords : mortality * causes of death * civilization and degenerative diseases * solar cycle * geomagnetic activity
    Subject RIV: DN - Health Impact of the Environment Quality
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    0450187 - ÚFA 2016 CZ eng E - Electronic Document
    Podolská, Kateřina
    Conditional dependence of long period time series of numbers of deaths by individual causes.
    [hypertextový soubor]. - Workshop of the EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group, Prague, University of Economics,, 16.–18. September 2015
    Institutional support: RVO:68378289
    Keywords : diseases of the nervous systém * mortality by causes * graphical models of conditional independences * solar aktivity
    Subject RIV: DG - Athmosphere Sciences, Meteorology
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