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    0390438 - SOÚ 2014 RIV CZ eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Šafr, Jiří - Bariekzahyová, Tereza
    Personality traits, socialization agents in family of origin and stratification process: Self-esteem and parenting styles.
    Values, Stratification, Transformation. Plzeň: Aleš Čeněk, s.r.o, 2012 - (Prudký, L.), s. 157-179. ISBN 978-80-7380-401-5.
    [Výzkumy hodnot a diferenciace: sociologické pohledy. Praha (CZ), 08.11.2010-09.11.2010]
    R&D Projects: GA MŠMT 2D06014
    Institutional support: RVO:68378025
    Keywords : self-esteem * parenting styles * social class
    Subject RIV: AO - Sociology, Demography
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