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    0565141 - HÚ 2023 RIV CZ eng J - Journal Article
    Blechová-Čelebić, Lenka
    Jews in the Lesser Town of Prague during the Transition from the Middle Ages to the early Modern Period: Houses, Period Context and the Malostransky Family.
    Judaica Bohemiae. Roč. 56, č. 2 (2021), s. 47-72. ISSN 0022-5738
    Grant - others:AV ČR(CZ) LQ300151901
    Program: Prémie Lumina quaeruntur
    Institutional support: RVO:67985963
    Keywords : The Lesser Town of Prague * jewish Settlement * Angelin the physician * Samuel of Trnava * Simon Malostransky * Seligman Malostransky
    OECD category: History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings)
    Method of publishing: Metadata only
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    0466508 - HÚ 2017 RIV CZ cze J - Journal Article
    Blechová-Čelebić, Lenka
    Knížecí zrcadla v českých zemích ve vrcholném a pozdním středověku.
    [Princely mirrors in the Czech Lands in the High and Late Middle Ages.]
    Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica. Roč. 19, č. 1 (2016), s. 7-34. ISSN 0862-979X
    R&D Projects: GA ČR GA15-02196S
    Institutional support: RVO:67985963
    Keywords : princely mirrors * childhood * treatises
    Subject RIV: AB - History
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    0333603 - HÚ 2010 RIV CZ cze J - Journal Article
    Blechová-Čelebić, Lenka
    Ceremoniál v díle Hinkmara z Remeše.
    [The courtly Ceremony in the Work of Hicmarus Rhemensis.]
    Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica. Roč. 12, Suppl. 3 (2009), s. 96-109. ISSN 0862-979X
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80150510
    Keywords : Ceremony * Ritual * Royal Court
    Subject RIV: AB - History
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