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    0566374 - KNAV DATA Scientific data      2023
    Veselá, Lenka

    Catalogus Bibliothecae Templi Cathedralis Stregnesensis - skeny.
    [Catalogus Bibliothecae Templi Cathedralis Stregnesensis - scans.]

    Description: Skeny rukopisného katalogu Katedrální knihovny ve Strängnäs. Doba vzniku 50. léta 18. století
    [Scans of the manuscript catalogue of the Cathedral Library in Strängnäs. Date of creation 1950s 18th century]
    Keywords : catalogue * war booty * Sweden
    OECD category: History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings)
    Depositor: Veselá, Lenka
    Date of release: 5.1.2023
    ASEP publication:
    Czech books in the 1765 auction of the Strängnäs Cathedral Library
    České knihy v aukci katedrální knihovny ve Strängnäs 1765

         License: License is part of the dataset
    File DownloadSizeCommentaryAccess File list14498.7 MBrequire
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA22-06083S
    Institutional support: RVO:67985971

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