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    0179557 - UFCH-W 940150 CH eng A - Abstract
    Zelinger, Zdeněk - Civiš, Svatopluk - Kubát, Pavel - Engst, Pavel
    Diode Laser Application for Research of Molecular Ions.
    6th International Conference on Infrared Lasers. Zürich: ETH, 1994 - (Kneubuehl, F.; Sikrist, M.). s. 149-151
    [International Conference on Infrared Lasers /6./. 29.05.1994-03.06.1994, Ascona]
    R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IA44004
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    0179481 - UFCH-W 930145 AT eng A - Abstract
    Engst, Pavel - Krhút, J. - Kubát, Pavel - Vondrák, Tomáš
    Laser Photolysis of Mn2 (CO)10 and Re2 (CO)10 in the Gas Phase.
    Central European Photochemistry Conference. Krems: Wissenschaftliche Landesakademie, 1993. s. 92.
    [Central European Photochemistry Conference. 03.10.1993-06.10.1993, Krems]
    R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA472105
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