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    0178623 - UFP-V 980073 CZ eng A - Abstract
    Badalec, Jan - Piffl, Vojtěch - Moravec, Jaroslav - Weinzettl, Vladimír
    VUV and USX Diagnostics of Impurities in CASTOR Tokamak.
    Book of Abstracts. Vol. P302. Prague: European Physical Society, 1998 - (Badalec, J.; Stöckel, J.; Šunka, P.; Tendler, M.). s. 581
    [1998 International Congress on Plasma PhysicsEPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics /25./. 29.06.1998-03.07.1998, Prague]
    Subject RIV: BL - Plasma and Gas Discharge Physics
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