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    0163928 - UBO-W 990179 CZ cze A - Abstract
    Horák, A. - Piálek, Jaroslav
    Genetická struktura populací čolků Triturus cristatus superspecies v České republice.
    [Genetic structure of Triturus cristatus superspecies populations in the Czech Republic.]
    Zoologické dny Brno 1999. Brno: Česká zoologická společnost, 1999. s. 71.
    [Zoologické dny. 04.11.1999-05.11.1999, Brno]
    Subject RIV: EB - Genetics ; Molecular Biology
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    0163826 - UBO-W 990074 GR eng A - Abstract
    Horák, A. - Piálek, Jaroslav
    Genetic structure of crested newts (Triturus cristatus superspecies) in the Czech Republic.
    10th Ordinary General Meeting: Programme and Book of Abstracts. Irakleio: Natural History Museum of Crete, 1999. s. 70-71.
    [Societas Europaea Herpetologica Ordinary General Meeting /10./. 06.09.1999-10.09.1999, Irakleio]
    Subject RIV: EG - Zoology
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