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    0152812 - MBU-M 980540 HU eng A - Abstract
    Neori, A. - Xiong, Fusheng - Tichý, Vladimír - Nedbal, Ladislav
    Impact of the natural UV-B radiation on the photosynthetic apparatus of freshwater microalgae.
    Adverse effects of visible and UV-B light in plants and algae. Szeged: Biological Research Center, 1998. s. 1.
    [Satellite Meeting of the International Congress on Photosynthesis /11./. 14.08.1998-17.08.1998, Szeged]
    Subject RIV: BO - Biophysics
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    0152251 - MBU-M 960518 ZA eng A - Abstract
    Tichý, Vladimír - Xiong, F. - Grobbelaar, J. U. - Neori, A. - Nedbal, Ladislav
    Algae in intermittent light.
    Opportunities from micro- and macroalgae. Knysna: International Association of Applied Algology, 1996. s. 69-70.
    [International Conference /7./. 16.04.1996-19.04.1996, Knysna]
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