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    0499776 - ÚVGZ 2019 RIV CZ eng L4 - Software
    Bedia, J. - Bhend, J. - De Felice, M. - Fernández, J. - Frias, M. D. - Gutiérrez, J. M. - Sixto, H. - Iturbide, M. - Manzanas, R. - Szabó-Takács, Beáta
    Internal code: GPL3.0.5 ; 2018
    Technical parameters: An R package for bias correction and statistical downscaling License: GPL (>= 3) Version: 3.0.5
    Economic parameters: DownscaleR is an R package for empirical-statistical downscaling focusing on daily data and covering the most popular approaches (bias correction, Model Output Statistics, Perfect Prognosis) and techniques (e.g. quantile mapping, regression, analogs, neural networks). This package has been conceived to work in the framework of both seasonal forecasting and climate change studies.
    Research Infrastructure: CzeCOS II - 90061
    Institutional support: RVO:86652079
    Keywords : bias correction * perfect-prog downscaling * climate model
    OECD category: Meteorology and atmospheric sciences
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