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    0054578 - FGÚ 2007 HU eng A - Abstract
    Tribulová, N. - Lin, H. - Fialová, M. - Soukup, Tomáš - Imanaga, I.
    Thyroid hormones affect intercellular gap junction coupling and increase vulnerability to fatal arrhythmias in normal and diabetic rat hearts.
    [Tyroidní hormony ovlivňují mezibuněčné spoje a zvyšují citlivost k fatální arytmii u normálních a diabetických potkanů.]
    Program and abstracts. INSERM, 2006. s. 24-24.
    [New Frontiers in cardiovascular Research, Subcellular mechanisms of altered muscle function in cardiovascular diseases. 05.10.2006-08.10.2006, Debrecen]
    Keywords : influence of thyroid hormones * heart arrhythmia * conexin 43 * left ventricle
    Subject RIV: ED - Physiology
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