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    0188221 - UMCH-V 20000246 PT eng A - Abstract
    Pracella, M. - Pazzagli, F. - Lednický, František - Kruliš, Zdeněk
    Effect of compatibilization processes on the morphology and mechanical properties of recycled PET/PE blends.
    Europhysics conference abstracts. Guimaraes: European Physical Society, 2000 - (Cunha, A.). s. 227-228
    [European Conference on Macromolecular Physics: Structure Development upon Polymer Processing: Physical Aspects. 24.09.2000-28.09.2000, Guimaraes]
    R&D Projects: GA MŠk OK 369
    Grant - others: XE(CZ) Copernicus IC15-CT96-0731
    Subject RIV: JJ - Other Materials
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    0188220 - UMCH-V 20000217 IT eng A - Abstract
    Kruliš, Zdeněk - Michálková, Danuše - Lednický, František - Horák, Zdeněk
    New recycling methods of commingled polyolefin waste.
    MoDeSt 2000. Palermo: University of Palermo, 2000. s. -.
    [International Conference on Polymer, Modification, Degradation and Stabilization: Modest 2000 /1./. 03.09.2000-07.09.2000, Palermo]
    R&D Projects: GA MŠk OK 369
    Subject RIV: JJ - Other Materials
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