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    0173668 - UEM-P 20023014 RIV GB eng M - Monography Chapter
    Mazelová, Jana - Valvoda, Jaroslav - Popelář, Jiří - Syka, Josef
    The influence of single exposure to amplified music on hearing of young listeners.
    Noise induced hearing loss: basic mechanisms, prevention and control. London: Noise Research Network Publications, 2001 - (Henderson, D.; Prasher, D.; Kopke, R.; Salvi, R.; Hamernik, R.), s. 365-375. ISBN 1-901747-01-8
    R&D Projects: GA MZd NK4747; GA MŽP SI/340/2/99
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z5039906
    Keywords : amplified music * otoacoustic emissions
    Subject RIV: FF - HEENT, Dentistry
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