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    0105829 - UMCH-V 20043400 RIV CZ eng G - Proceedings (international conference)
    Ulbrich, Karel - Výprachtický, Drahomír - Kahovec, Jaroslav (ed.)
    Programme and Abstract Booklet.
    [Program a sborník souhrnů.]
    Praha: Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, 2004. 233 s. Macro, K82. ISBN 80-85009-49-8.
    [Microsymposium of PMM: Polymer Biomaterials: Biomimetic and Bioanalogous Systems /43./. Praha (CZ), 11.07.2004-15.07.2004]
    R&D Projects: GA AV ČR KSK4055109
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z4050913
    Keywords : advanced biomaterials * biomimetic structures * synthetic polymers
    Subject RIV: CC - Organic Chemistry
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