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Specific Statistics of Czech Legislation

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    SYSNO ASEP0447263
    Document TypeJ - Journal Article
    R&D Document TypeJournal Article
    Subsidiary JOstatní články
    TitleSpecific Statistics of Czech Legislation
    Author(s) Novák, František (USP-I)
    Source TitleThe Lawyer Quarterly - ISSN 1805-8396
    Roč. 5, č. 3 (2015), s. 162-183
    Number of pages22 s.
    Publication formPrint - P
    Languageeng - English
    CountryCZ - Czech Republic
    Keywordslegislation ; quantitative description of legislation ; structure and development of the legislation in the CR
    Subject RIVAG - Legal Sciences
    Institutional supportUSP-I - RVO:68378122
    Annotationthe article deals with certain quantitative analysis of legislation, the backbone of any legal order, using methodological and theoretical approach, as well as investigative and analytical approach applied, in this case, on legislation, i.e. the legal order of the Czech Republic. The introduction is therefore necessarily focusing on the question whether such legal phenomenon as legislation can be described quantitatively. The next part is dedicated to the methodology and clarification of author’s approach, i.e. mainly definitions and interpretations of the introduced and monitored variables and their operationalization. The third part of the study is an application of the introduced methodology on concrete research: quantitative description of Czech legislation over the last 12-month period, for which full data set has been collected.
    WorkplaceInstitute of State and Law
    ContactIveta Bůžková,, Tel.: 221 990 712
    Year of Publishing2016