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First determination of the ρ parameter at √s=13TeV : probing the existence of a colourless C-odd three-gluon compound state

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    Document TypeJ - Journal Article
    R&D Document TypeJournal Article
    Subsidiary JČlánek ve WOS
    TitleFirst determination of the ρ parameter at √s=13TeV : probing the existence of a colourless C-odd three-gluon compound state
    Author(s) Antchev, G. (BG)
    Aspell, P. (CH)
    Atanassov, I. (BG)
    Kašpar, Jan (FZU-D) RID, ORCID
    Kundrát, Vojtěch (FZU-D) RID, ORCID
    Lokajíček, Miloš V. (FZU-D) RID, ORCID
    Procházka, Jiří (FZU-D) RID, ORCID
    Number of authors95
    Article number785
    Source TitleEuropean Physical Journal C - ISSN 1434-6044
    Roč. 79, č. 9 (2019), s. 1-26
    Number of pages26 s.
    Languageeng - English
    CountryDE - Germany
    Keywordselastic proton-proton scattering ; LHC ; Coulomb-hadronic interference
    Subject RIVBF - Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics
    OECD categoryParticles and field physics
    R&D ProjectsLTT17018 GA MŠk - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)
    Research InfrastructureCERN-CZ - 90058 - Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, v. v. i.
    Method of publishingOpen access
    Institutional supportFZU-D - RVO:68378271
    UT WOS000487452200001
    EID SCOPUS85073212646
    AnnotationThe TOTEM experiment at the LHC has performed the first measurement at √s = 13 TeV of the ρ parameter, obtaining the following results: ρ =0.09±0.01 and ρ =0.10±0.01, depending on different physics assumptions and mathematical modelling. The unprecedented precision of the ρ measurement, combined with the TOTEM total cross-section measurements in an energy range larger than 10 TeV (from 2.76 to 13 TeV), has implied the exclusion of all the models classified and published by COMPETE. The ρ results obtained by TOTEM are compatible with the theoretical model predictions. The very low-|t| reach allowed also to determine the absolute normalisation using the Coulomb amplitude for the first time at the LHC and obtain a new total proton-proton cross-section measurement σtot = (110.3±3.5) mb, completely independent from the previous TOTEM determination. Combining the two TOTEM results yields σtot = (110.5±2.4) mb.
    WorkplaceInstitute of Physics
    ContactKristina Potocká,, Tel.: 220 318 579
    Year of Publishing2021
    Electronic address
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