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Unbiased estimation of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) chloroplast structure: Heterogeneity within needle mesophyll under different irradiance and [CO 2 ]

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    Document TypeJ - Journal Article
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    TitleUnbiased estimation of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) chloroplast structure: Heterogeneity within needle mesophyll under different irradiance and [CO 2 ]
    Author(s) Kubínová, Z. (CZ)
    Glanc, N. (CZ)
    Radochová, Barbora (FGU-C) RID, ORCID
    Lhotáková, Z. (CZ)
    Janáček, Jiří (FGU-C) RID, ORCID
    Kubínová, Lucie (FGU-C) RID, ORCID
    Albrechtová, J. (CZ)
    Source TitleImage Analysis and Stereology - ISSN 1580-3139
    Roč. 38, č. 1 (2019), s. 83-94
    Number of pages10 s.
    Languageeng - English
    CountrySI - Slovenia
    Keywordschloroplast number ; chloroplast ultrastructure ; elevated CO2 ; needle anatomy ; stereology
    Subject RIVGK - Forestry
    OECD categoryForestry
    R&D ProjectsGAP501/10/0340 GA ČR - Czech Science Foundation (CSF)
    LM2015062 GA MŠk - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)
    EF16_013/0001775 GA MŠk - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)
    Research InfrastructureCzech-BioImaging - 90062 - Ústav molekulární genetiky AV ČR, v. v. i.
    CESNET II - 90042 - CESNET - zájmové sdružení právnických osob
    Method of publishingOpen access
    Institutional supportFGU-C - RVO:67985823
    UT WOS000464195100009
    EID SCOPUS85065480947
    AnnotationThe main objective of this study was to find out whether the selected chloroplast characteristics measured in the mesophyll layer nearest to the needle surface (i.e., the first mesophyll layer) could be representative for the whole needle cross section. Two chloroplast sampling approaches were applied on Norway spruce needles during the investigation of the effects of different levels of air CO2 concentration and irradiance: (i) sampling only from the first mesophyll layer, and (ii) systematic uniform random (SUR) sampling. The selected characteristics were: (i) chloroplast area, (ii) starch grain area, and (iii) starch areal density on median chloroplast cross sections, and (iv) chloroplast number per unit of needle volume. It was shown that the first mesophyll layer was not representative for estimating all evaluated characteristics except the chloroplast area. Sampling only there caused obtaining slightly biased results, while SUR sampling gave unbiased estimations at the cost of longer measuring time. The major effect of studied factors was in starch areal density and starch grain area, which were larger in sun needles in elevated CO2 concentration in comparison with sun needles in ambient CO2 concentration. In conclusion, it was demonstrated that the first layer of mesophyll is not always representative for the needle cross section. If technically feasible, SUR is recommended for analysis of chloroplast ultrastructure. The simplified sampling design can be applied, e.g., for comparisons of many different treatments. However, it should be combined with other approaches to characterize the chloroplast function and the results carefully considered and interpreted.
    WorkplaceInstitute of Physiology
    ContactLucie Trajhanová,, Tel.: 241 062 400
    Year of Publishing2020
    Electronic address
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