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Radial Fuzzy Systems

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    SYSNO ASEP0442498
    Document TypeV - Research Report
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    TitleRadial Fuzzy Systems
    Author(s) Coufal, David (UIVT-O) RID, SAI, ORCID
    Issue dataCornell University, 2015 e-Print archive
    Series numberarXiv:1502.05591 [cs.SY]
    Number of pages41 s.
    Languageeng - English
    CountryUS - United States
    Keywordsfuzzy systems ; radial functions ; coherence
    Subject RIVBB - Applied Statistics, Operational Research
    R&D ProjectsLD13002 GA MŠk - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)
    Institutional supportUIVT-O - RVO:67985807
    AnnotationThe class of radial fuzzy systems is introduced. The fuzzy systems in this class use radial functions to implement membership functions of fuzzy sets and exhibit a shape preservation property in antecedents of their rules. The property is called the radial property. It enables the radial fuzzy systems to have their computational model mathematically tractable under both conjunctive and implicative representations of their rule bases. Coherence of radial implicative fuzzy systems is discussed and a sufficient condition for coherence is stated.
    WorkplaceInstitute of Computer Science
    ContactTereza Šírová,, Tel.: 266 053 800
    Year of Publishing2015
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