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Growth and luminescence properties of Eu-doped HfO.sub.2./sub./α-Al.sub.2./sub.O.sub.3./sub. eutectic scintillator

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    0470103 - FZÚ 2017 RIV NL eng J - Journal Article
    Kamada, K. - Hishinuma, K. - Kurosawa, S. - Yamaji, A. - Shoji, Y. - Pejchal, Jan - Ohashi, Y. - Yokota, Y. - Yoshikawa, A.
    Growth and luminescence properties of Eu-doped HfO2/α-Al2O3 eutectic scintillator.
    Journal of Rare Earths. Roč. 34, č. 8 (2016), s. 796-801. ISSN 1002-0721
    Institutional support: RVO:68378271
    Keywords : eutectic * scintillator * micro-pulling down method * rare earths
    Subject RIV: BM - Solid Matter Physics ; Magnetism
    Impact factor: 2.429, year: 2016

    HfO2/alpha-Al2O3 eutectics were grown by the micro-pulling down (mu-PD) method at the composition of 63.2 mol.% alpha-Al2O3, 35.512 mol.% HfO2, 0.92 mol.% Eu2O3 and 0.368 mol.% Y2O3. Rod phases with around 3-4 mu m diameter were observed on the transverse cross-section. The phase-separated scintillator fibers (PSSFs) structure with fibers of around 3-4 mu m diameter and 10-20 mu m length was observed. The electron back scattering patterns indicated crystal orientation of [101] for monoclinic HfO2 rod phase and [0001] for a-Al2O3 matrix in the transverse cross-section. Eu3+ 4f-4f emission was observed at 550-750 nm.
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