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Numerical simulation of flow in fluidized beds

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    0453378 - ÚT 2016 RIV US eng J - Journal Article
    Bauer, Petr - Beneš, M. - Fučík, R. - Dieu, H.H. - Klement, V. - Máca, R. - Mach, J. - Oberhuber, T. - Strachota, P. - Žabka, V. - Havlena, V.
    Numerical simulation of flow in fluidized beds.
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical systems - Series S. Roč. 8, č. 5 (2015), s. 833-846. ISSN 1937-1632
    Institutional support: RVO:61388998
    Keywords : Navier-Stokes equations * multi-phase flow * combustion * turbulence * reactive flows
    Subject RIV: BK - Fluid Dynamics
    Impact factor: 0.737, year: 2015

    The article provides a brief overview of a one-dimensional model of two-phase flow in the geometry of a circulating fluidized bed combustor exhibiting vertical variability of cross-section. The model is based on numerical solution of conservation laws for mass, momentum and energy of gas and solid components of the fluidized-bed system by means of the finite-volume method in space and of a multistep higher-order solver in time. The presented computational results reproduce characteristic behavior of fluidized beds in the given geometry.
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