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Novel concept of electric discharge oxygen-iodine laser

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    0353836 - FZÚ 2011 RIV DE eng J - Journal Article
    Schmiedberger, Josef - Jirásek, Vít - Kodymová, Jarmila - Rohlena, Karel
    Novel concept of electric discharge oxygen-iodine laser.
    European Physical Journal D. Roč. 54, č. 2 (2009), 239-248. ISSN 1434-6060
    R&D Projects: GA ČR GA202/07/0323
    Grant - others:US Air Force EOARD(US) FA8655-06-1-3034
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10100523
    Keywords : chemical lasers * plasma torches * high-frequency and RF discharges
    Subject RIV: BH - Optics, Masers, Lasers
    Impact factor: 1.420, year: 2009

    A novel concept of discharge oxygen-iodine laser (DOIL) is presented. The supersonic DOIL includes a discharge singlet oxygen generator (DSOG) and discharge atomic iodine generator (DAIG). The operation of DSOG is based on a fast mixing of hybrid argon plasma jet of DC electric arc and RF discharge with a neutral molecular oxygen stream. This DSOG should provide the singlet oxygen yields exceeding 30% at the total pressures higher than 10 Torr. The DAIG operation is based on a cw/pulse RF discharge dissociation of iodine donors directly inside a laser iodine injector. This method substitutes the classic dissociation of molecular iodine by energy of singlet oxygen, which saves its energy for laser generation and so can increase the laser efficiency.
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