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Mineral magnetic environmental record in clastic cave deposits

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    0310953 - GLU-S 2009 SK eng A - Abstract
    Šlechta, Stanislav - Kadlec, Jaroslav
    Mineral magnetic environmental record in clastic cave deposits.
    [Využití magnetických minerálů v jeskynních sedimentech pro rekonstrukci paleoprostředí.]
    Contributions to Geophysics & Geodesy. Roč. 38, special issue (2008), s. 134-134. ISSN 1335-2806.
    [Paleo, Rock and Environmental Magnetism. Castle Meeting /11./. 22.06.2008-28.06.2008, Bojnice]
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516
    Keywords : mineral magnetic environmental reconstruction * cave sediments * Moravian Karst
    Subject RIV: DE - Earth Magnetism, Geodesy, Geography

    Magnetic susceptibility, which is a function of grain size, concentration, and composition of the magnetic carriers, records the changes in agriculture activities performed on the plateau above the cave.
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