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Growth and characterization of the KDy.sub.3./sub.F.sub.10./sub. and Na.sub.0.38./sub.Dy.sub.0.62./sub.F.sub.2.24./sub. fluoride crystals for the Faraday devices

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    0573257 - FZÚ 2024 RIV NL eng J - Journal Article
    Vojna, David - Karimov, D.N. - Ivanova, A.G. - Popov, P.A. - Kumai, H. - Yasuhara, R. - Slezák, Ondřej - Smrž, Martin - Mocek, Tomáš
    Growth and characterization of the KDy3F10 and Na0.38Dy0.62F2.24 fluoride crystals for the Faraday devices.
    Optical Materials. Roč. 142, Aug (2023), č. článku 114016. ISSN 0925-3467. E-ISSN 1873-1252
    R&D Projects: GA MŠMT EF15_006/0000674
    Grant - others:OP VVV - HiLASE-CoE(XE) CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_006/0000674
    Institutional support: RVO:68378271
    Keywords : Faraday effect * Verdet constant * magneto-optical materials * thermal conductivity * crystallographic structure * dysprosium
    OECD category: Optics (including laser optics and quantum optics)
    Impact factor: 3.9, year: 2022
    Method of publishing: Open access

    The latest research on magneto-optical materials for Faraday devices has been repeatedly highlighting the benefits of using the crystalline media with the negative value of the optical anisotropy parameter (OAP). The reason is that these media have proven to be very efficient in eliminating the degrading impact of the thermal-stress-induced birefringence which occurs in the Faraday devices that are operated with high average power light. In this paper, we report on the successful growth of OAP-negative fluoride crystals – the KDy F10 (KDF) and Na0.38Dy0.62F2.24 (NDF) – and on the characterization of the material properties allowing to assess the benefits of using these crystals for the Faraday devices. Unlike the recently commercialized OAP-negative KTb F10 (KTF) crystal, these crystals exhibit high transparency at the mid-IR wavelengths ( nm), for which there are currently no OAP-negative crystals available.
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