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Optical force positioning and aggregation of nanoparticles

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    0540882 - ÚPT 2021 RIV US eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Donato, M.G. - Foti, A. - Bernatová, Silvie - Samek, Ota - Zemánek, Pavel - Gillibert, E. - Gucciardi, P. G. - Marago, O.M.
    Optical force positioning and aggregation of nanoparticles.
    Optical Manipulation and Its Applications - Proceedings Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences Congress 2019 (BODA, BRAIN, NTM, OMA, OMP). Washington: OSA, 2019, č. článku 158805. ISBN 978-194358054-5.
    [Optical Manipulation and Its Applications, OMA 2019. Tuscon (US), 15.04.2019-17.04.2019]
    R&D Projects: GA MŠk(CZ) LO1212
    Institutional support: RVO:68081731
    Keywords : optical forces * aggregation of nanoparticles
    Subject RIV: BH - Optics, Masers, Lasers
    OBOR OECD: Optics (including laser optics and quantum optics)

    Optical forces are used to position and aggregate nanoparticles for different applications. In particular, plasmonic enhanced optical forces are exploited to direct gold nanorods surrounded by biomolecules to create hot-spots on demand in a liquid buffered environment. This enables protein detection at the 10 nM level. Furthermore, optical forces on liquid phase exfoliated layered materials (hBN, MoS2, WS2) are studied and used to push and aggregate nanostructures in specific patterns.
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