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Biorefining in the 21st Century

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    0520456 - ÚCHP 2020 CZ eng M - Monography Chapter
    Petrusová, Zuzana - Kárászová, Magda - Vejražka, Jiří - Morávková, Lenka - Esposito, E. - Fuoco, A. - Jansen, J. C. - Izák, Pavel
    Influence of Membrane Surface Wettability on Biogas Purification. Chapter 6.4.
    Biorefining in the 21st Century. Prague: Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS, v. v. i., 2019 - (Šolcová, O.; Hanika, J.; Topka, P.), s. 86. ISBN 978-80-86186-02-3
    R&D Projects: GA TA ČR TE01020080
    Institutional support: RVO:67985858
    Keywords : polyamide film * water– swollen membrane * membrane separation
    OECD category: Chemical process engineering

    A membrane separation process based on a water-swollen thin-film composite membrane with a polyamide skin layer was successfully applied for effective removal of H2S, moreover, the values appeared well below the maximum limit for marketable bio-methane in the Czech Republic. This relates to good transport properties of CO2 and H2S in water-swollen thin polyamide film. Since the membranes are declared as compatible with the wide pH range of 2 – 11 in a continuous process or the pH range of 1 – 12 for a short period of time, they offer a significant advantage in comparison with other commercially available membranes for biogas purification.
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